Our Caregivers

Carer walking with elderly woman

Hire a group of qualified and compassionate home care providers in Columbia, SC, that provide order and assistance where it is critically needed. Whether you are an expectant mother with your hands full, or an aging retiree who isn’t quite ready to move into a managed care facility, the team at DHCS is the one to turn to.

Mom can get the rest she needs, and your parents can remain in the home that you grew up in with our flexible array of services. Get the services you need when you become a client of our group. You can establish a scheduled level of care, or purchase a gift certificate and give your grandmother the help she needs for one particular day of service.

We offer our services on an hourly, daily, or even weekly basis, depending on the particular need of the client. Our compassionate approach to household maintenance and personal care will make your family member feel appreciated and loved. Free up your schedule without feeling guilty when you hire a group that has your best interests in mind.

Care When It Counts

As much as you want to be there for a loved one or a family member who has suffered an injury, your busy schedule may make being two places at once nearly impossible. But not every client needs the same level of care in the home. So we provide our clients with an option to choose what they need, either a homemaker or a companion.

Health care worker helping patient

Leaving an individual at home, without supervision, may prove impossible for either medical or safety reasons. Being alone could prove difficult if you are unable to clean and care for yourself. In other situations, a client may just need a helping hand and a friend to talk to every afternoon. Our companions are ready to support a client with the activities of daily living (ADL).

Getting out of bed and safely using the bathroom can be fraught with danger if you have trouble walking. Our companions are ready to provide the client with non-medical assistance with dressing, bathing, and even toileting. We offer the client with those services, and some of our aides have the additional training needed for more complex functions (under the supervision of a nursing professional).

Residential Daily Living

Give your loved one the gift of a clean and orderly home when you choose our Homemaker package of services. A homemaker can support your family member with hands-off assistance that gets them to the doctor on time. When the client needs to go grocery shopping, or the shelves need dusting, they shouldn’t risk injury getting these things done.

Contact our home care providers today and learn about this alternative to managed care facilities. We proudly serve clients in Columbia, as well as those in surrounding communities throughout Richland, Lexington, Calhoun, and Sumter Counties in South Carolina.